Bluer - Lorenzo Viscidi

Lorenzo Viscidi, aka Bluer, was born in Venice on 19 June 1962. He lives and works in Padua and Nardo '(Lecce). His chromatic research since the early 90s was born from studies and experiments on the color "blue", an electric blue, energetic with which he earned the nickname of "painter of the blue". From '92 until today he has carried out his pictorial research in the field of abstractionism, with a precise stylistic code that generates multiple iconic morphologies. Since 2002 he began a series of works called "Spazio-temporale" in which the painting is invaded by inclusions of fragments of mirrors, produced by glasses of various shades of silver according to an ancient practice. From this phase, experimentation and research on materials is carried out that brings to the series of "non-square paintings" works in wood and glass and acrylics that abandon the forms codified by tradition, rational and geometrical, to develop on shaped canvases with unpredictable morphological outcomes. These experimentations of new forms have been starting from 2005 to Plexiglas works and installations, in which research into shapes and colors is based on that on light.