Joan Mirò

Painter, sculptor and ceramist, Joan Miró (Barcelona, 1893 - Palma de Mallorca, 1983) is one of the most important Spanish artists of all time. At the age of 27 (1920) Miró moved to Paris. There he met Picasso and attended the Dada circle of Tristan Tzara; these events will play a key role in his artistic training. He is considered the most fervent exponent of surrealism, has in fact revealed his contempt for conventional painting by declaring that it should be "raped, killed and murdered". The reality for Miró is a point of departure, never of arrival.
His main works are the Dona i ocell (1983 - above) at the Joan Miro Park in Barcelona, Femme (1981), L'etoile matinal (Morning Star - at the bottom of the page) which is part of the series "Constellations" (1939-1941 ) or the Sun and Moon mural (Walls of the Sun and the Moon) made in 1958 for the Unesco palace.