Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli was born in Milan in 1962. Son of art, he grew up in a house-atelier where his father Ercole worked as a painter and sculptor. After his secondary studies, he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic; the study of architecture constitutes an important premise for the subsequent development of his research, both from a methodological and an iconographic point of view. At the Polytechnic, in those years influenced by the intuitions of Aldo Rossi, he attended the courses of Daniele Vitale and Giorgio Grassi, from whose teaching matures an approach to figuration devoid of functionalism.
In 1987 the Milanese Gallery of Antonia Jannone, whose exhibitions are dedicated exclusively to architectural design, hosts the first solo show of Luca Pignatelli, entitled Imagination: landscapes and architecture, curated by Mario de Micheli and Daniele Vitale.
Spurred by the idea of ​​the sedimentary growth of History, for Pignatelli painting has a particular relationship with Time: the coexistence of elements and forms ascribable to different epochs is not only dreamed but is real and lives within his work; Present Time is a moment in which suggestions, images, events coming from different periods with no hierarchical value collimate.
Painter able to face the challenge of large dimensions, Pignatelli normally works on anomalous supports and already in itself pictorial, hemp tarpaulins, woods, irons, assembled papers, on which he intervenes by superimposing his own selection of images, icons of memory collective drawn from a kind of universally known repertoire.
From 1987 to today Pignatelli consolidates its path and artistic commitment by exhibiting both in Italy and abroad in important museums and private galleries.