Marco Petrus

Marco Petrus was born in Rimini in 1960, but since his early childhood lives with his family in Milan. Son of art - his father, Vitale Petrus (Kiev, 1934 - Milan, 1984), is a protagonist of the Lombard artistic scene of the sixties and seventies - he is interested from an early age to the architecture, as well as to the experimentations concerning the techniques of printing and artistic reproduction. The paintings of the first period are characterized by a strongly marked and insistent use of the sign, a legacy of his training and experience as an engraver. In these works, however, we can already see the almost metaphysical immobility of the architecture, which will later connote the work as a constant "trademark". Over time, the sign of Petrus disappears, leaving room for an increasingly rigorous and linear play of colors punctuated by clear and well-defined lines and flat backgrounds, in a search for essentiality and linearity of the composition that gradually will characterize his research.

Between the end of the nineties and the first two thousand, his painting underwent a new perspective gap, opening his analytical gaze on the one hand to investigate the structure of urban and architectural forms in an ever more rigorous manner.

His most recent breakthrough led him, in a work of increasing stylization of the form, first to flank urban representations with their "correspondences" on the plane of abstraction (lines, signs, simple colored pieces, where originally there were perspectives, angles and windows); then to "freeze" the very shape of the urban landscape in a pure game of abstract stylization.