Walton Zed


It is considered among the most promising Italian artists. Balza immediately evident the originality of his research, using modes and varied techniques, creating unexpected and fluid synthesis, in the background the characteristic colors of the years '50 and those sci-fi film noir movie '20 years of which fascinated shades, written thoughts and fantastic designs, surreal, dreamlike.

The reality is filtered and interpreted through a sensibility that is aware of the existential problems of today, the neuroses, the frenzy mechanisms and contemporary isolation, and reacts by inventing a world in which they live new symbols and characters, a stressed world, warped, deconstructed, where the "unglued" from the artist wall support her subjects, dragging them on the canvas.

His is a painting directly without mediation; nevertheless his paintings always hide something indescribable, almost elusive. What most marks his painting is the extension of the ego, as exceeding the limits of his own body. In his works he feels a spasmodic study of the form and then get to deny it. The artist participated in numerous corporate events and his works are part of important private collections.