About us

Demart Contemporary Art was born from an intuition of Luigino De Martinis and from his love for art, the real driving force of all his choice. In his constant divulgation path, Luigino (as he loves to be called by artist friends and collegues) looks straight ahead, always ready to intercept the real innovations that the art world offers to the spectator’s eye, and careful to avoid the transitional appeal of fleeting trends.

Nevertheless, he never forgets the Italian, European and Overseas tradition. Traditions that continue to shape the trajectory of contemporary artists in a fil rouge that Luigino weaves and inweaves daily in his work of synchronic and diachronic links. The aim of Demart is to enhance the value of the artistic heritage of private collectors, for the fruition of an expert audience, and, also and above, for everyone who still looks at art with an opaque eye.